[Updated at: 14:20, Wednesday 17 August 2022 to clarify rules on shots from kick-offs, goal kicks, and U6 kick-ins]

1. Tournament Format
Teams will compete in group stages on Saturday 20th August and knockout/championship matches on Sunday 21st August. Tournament formats vary by age group. Please check your schedule at or on the official Kuala Lumpur Cup app, available on iOS and Android

2. Draw for Groups
The Tournament Committee will conduct a draw for all age-groups at a date not less than 7 days before the event.  A fixture list will then be circulated to all participating teams and published on our website at

3. Players
3.1 Age Cut-Offs
All players must abide strictly to the age categories as listed below, with the exception of female players playing in the boys competitions, who may be two years older in each age category.

Player Eligibility:
a) Under 6: Born 2016 and later
b) Under 8: Born 2014 and later
c) Under 10: Born 2012 and later
d) Under 12 & Girls Under 12: Born 2010 and later
e) Under 14 & Girls Under 14: Born 2008 and later
f) Under 16: Born 2006 and later

3.2 Player Registration
All players must be registered via the Coaches Dashboard at or on the KL Cup app before kick off.

Players may play for 1 team only.

On event day, teams are required to report to the admin tent with their whole team no later than 30 minutes before the start of their first match to verify their players.

All players are required to produce their original IC or Passport document when registering on day 1 of the tournament.

Players under the age of 12 with no photo ID may present their original birth certificate as a replacement. All players above the age of 12 must have a valid photo ID displaying their IC or passport number.

After verification by the KL Cup admin team, players will receive a wristband which they must wear for the duration of the tournament. If a player loses their wristband or takes it off they must re-register and pay a replacement fee of RM10 for a new wristband. Any player that does not have a wristband will not be allowed onto the field of play.

All teams are required to have team kits with player numbers on the back of the jerseys.

4. Match Formats and Rules
Please check the table below for the KL Cup match formats and general rules for each age group.

 U6U8 & G12U10, U12U14, G14 & U16
Playing format4 vs 45 vs 57 vs 77 vs 7
Minimum number of players3455
Maximum squad size8101212
Ball size3445
Match duration1 x 12 mins1 x 16 mins1 x 16 mins1 x 16 mins
Offside ruleNot applicable
Throw insKick/dribble inThrow inThrow inThrow in
Shots from kick offNo direct shots from kick off
Backpass ruleDoes not applyApplicableApplicableApplicable
SubstitutionsRolling substitutions

Unless otherwise stated above or elsewhere in the tournament rules, all matches should 

5. Pitch and Footwear
Playing area is an artificial turf pitch. Players may wear plastic-studded soccer shoes (metal-studded soccer boots are not allowed). Players must wear shin-guards throughout the course of the tournament.

6. Balls
The U6 age group will use Size 3 footballs. Age groups U8–U12 will use size 4 footballs. The U14 and U16 age groups will use size 5 footballs.

7. Match Times
The matches will be 16 minutes long with no break in between, except for the Under 6 age group whose matches will be 12 minutes long with no break in between.

8. Red and Yellow Cards
Players shown a red card are sent off immediately and banned from play for one full match. Yellow cards will not be carried through the tournament. No cards will be given in the Under 6 competition, however the referee can enforce a substitution.

9. Offside
The offside rule will not be used in this tournament.

10. Scoring from kick-off, goal kicks and U6 kick-ins
Teams cannot score directly from kick offs or goal kicks, or from kick-ins in the Under 6 competition. The ball must be touched by another player from the same team before a goal is scored.

11. Substitutions
The substitute must wait for the player to leave the pitch before entering

When substituting, the team must notify the referee when the ball is out-of-bounds for the substitution to happen

Substituted players shall be allowed to re-enter during the same match (rolling substitutions)

12. Time Allowance
A maximum of two (2) minutes allowance shall be allowed after the starting whistle by the referee, failing which a walkover may be awarded to the opponents with full points and a registered score of 3-0.

13. Points System
Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

14. Teams tied in group stages
In the case that 2 teams are tied at the end of the Group stages, placing will be determined by the following order, in order:

  1. Best goal difference
  2. Highest goals for
  3. Lowest goals against
  4. Winner of head to head match
  5. Sudden death penalty shootout

15. Teams tied in Knockout stages
In the event of a tie in the Knockout Stages, matches will move directly to a sudden death penalty shootout. A winner will be decided when 1 team scores and the other fails to score in the same round.

Note: Only players on the pitch at the end of ordinary time may take a penalty.

16. Conduct
Coaches, team managers & supporters shall not question the referee’s decision. The use of foul language and/or aggressive behaviour could lead to a team being removed from the tournament.

All teams are reminded that this is a youth tournament and that positive support is strongly encouraged. Please take a moment to read our stance on Parent Conduct here.

17. Act of God
If the field becomes unsuitable for play due to heavy rain, lightning or for any other reasons, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on the event or change the format of the event.

18. Bad Weather Protocol
In the event that lightning or bad weather causes a stop in play, a match result will stand if more than 10 minutes of that match has been played. If less than 10 minutes of a match has been played at the time of the stoppage, the remainder of the match will be played once conditions are deemed safe by the organiser.

In the case of severe weather, the organiser reserves the right to amend the schedule and formats in order to complete the tournament according to our principles of safety.

19. Insurance and Risk
A medical team will be on site at both locations to aid injuries, however players must have their own medical insurance. The tournament organisers are not liable for any death, disability, personal injury, loss of property or any other loss howsoever arising from any cause whatsoever at any time during the course of this tournament.

The organising team will take all reasonable precaution, but each player is responsible for his or her personal health and safety upon agreement to participate in this tournament.

20. Jurisdiction
In the event of a protest or dispute, the Tournament Committee shall have sole jurisdiction in settling the matter.